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Why Do My Breasts Sag
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Why Do My Breasts Sag

Whether you’ve just given birth or skipped out on wearing a bra one too many times, sagging breasts is a common problem that women face. The female body goes through many life stages and its natural for the breasts to change as well. Wonder why your boobs are droopy or sagging? Here’s what you need to know.

Does Aging Cause Saggy Boobs?

Aging is considered to be one of the biggest cause of sagging. However, there isn’t a specific age when you can expect your breasts to drop. In fact, a woman in her twenties can experience sagging whereas a woman twice her age can have perky boobs. Even if you're lucky enough to have perfect perky boobs into your forties as the body ages the breast will lose its elasticity and fullness. For some women, this can occur during hormonal changes such as menopause.

Weight Fluctuation

Weight fluctuation can significantly alter the shape and appearance. Women who weigh more tend to have bigger breasts than those with a lower BMI. Losing a lot of weight especially within a short time period cause the skin surrounding the breasts to stretch out resulting in sagging. On the other hand,  gaining weight will cause the surrounding skin to stretch out. That's why women who’ve had multiple pregnancies tend to have deflated boobs.


Smoking does more than just harm your lungs and heart. It also has an effect on the vitality of your breasts. Habitual tobacco use will destroy the elastin which is in the body. Decreased levels of elastin will cause the inevitable; sagging breasts.

Not Having the Proper Support

Although going braless may be a freeing experience its highly discouraged. A proper bra provides adequate support to the breast to ensure that it maintains its shape and that it is lifted. Having the proper support everyday especially during exercise is important. Exercising without a bra will put a strain or breast ligaments. Women with really big boobs are susceptible to sagging. Choosing the right bra is imperative.

Breast Size

Of course, your breast size can be the reason why your breasts are sagging. Larger breasts are more likely to droop because of they're heavyweight and the volume. Perky breasts remain full and lifted.

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