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Common Bra Problems and Solutions
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Common Bra Problems and Solutions

Small boobs or big ones, regardless of the size of your breasts it can be difficult to find the right bra. No doubt, a bra could be your worst enemy or the best friend you never had.  A recent study revealed, that as many as one out of four women are wearing the wrong bra size. Most of the gripes that women have are related to the way that they're bra fits. Sporting the wrong cup or band size can make wearing intimates an uncomfortable experience. Here are some of the most common bra problems and how they can be fixed.

Problem: Rising Backband

A back band that constantly creeps up your back throughout the day can be a distraction. This is an obvious sign that your bra isn't fitting correctly. Some women adjust the straps of their bra to tight for added lift but the support needs to come from the bands rather than the straps. Simply loosening up the straps can solve the rising backband issue.

Another common reason for the rising backband issue is a bra that is too big. In a correct fit, the bra band will be snug across your back creating a smooth straight line.

Problem: Falling Straps

There’s nothing more irritating than straps that just won’t stay on your shoulder. The first thing you’ll need to do is check to make sure the straps have been properly adjusted so that they snug on the shoulder. If you’re still experiencing the same issues you’ll need to go down in bra size because the band is too big.

Problem: Digging Underwire

Is the underwire digging into your flesh? This can indicate that the cup size is too small. Or the wire could be too small causing your breasts to spill out on the side. Try going up a cup size. The wire size can vary across bra brands so trying a different bra can be helpful.

Problem: Wrinkled Cups

If your bra cup is wrinkled than your likely wearing a bra that is too big for your bust size or doesn’t compliment your breast shape. Try going down a size or investing in a different cup shape.

If you’re taking Breastmaxx breast enhancement pills it’s important to get professionally fitted for a bra every so often as your breast size changes.



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