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Why Are My Breasts Small?
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Why Are My Breasts Small?

Small breast or having a flat chest can be a nightmare for some women. After all, society's misconception of a woman’s beauty often relies on her breast size. For the average female, they're breasts start to develop in their early teens and stops around the age of twenty. If you have a smaller bust you may be wondering exactly why you have small breasts. Here are some of the top factors that affect your boob size.


Perhaps the biggest factor that affects your breast size is genetics. Therefore, small breasts are inherited. According to recent research, there seven specific genetic markers that impact a woman’s breast size. Genes can also determine how dense your boobs are, what the skin is like surrounding your breasts, and the hormone levels that affect breast tissue. Breast characteristics will come from both of your parent’s sides of the family.


The hormones in the female body are also responsible for breast growth. These main hormones are progesterone and estrogen. In some instances, a lack of these hormones or a hormonal imbalance can result in underdeveloped breasts. Girls who get their period late often have smaller breasts than those that get there’s earlier.  Some women may experience a decrease in their breast size after menopause.

Vitamin Deficiency

Yes, a mineral or vitamin deficiency can lead to stunted growth of woman’s boobs. The main causes of your vitamins lacking in nutrients and vitamins it needs to support breast growth include heavy menstruation during the adolescence years, a sudden growth spurt or not eating enough healthy foods rich in vitamins and nutrients.

Breast Feeding

Bringing a life into this world can be a blessing. But it can also be a curse where your boobs are concerned. During pregnancy, your breasts may swell up like a porn size but during breastfeeding, they can get deflated and significantly decrease in size. This is largely due to major fluctuations in the hormones and the elasticity of the skin.

Can You Change Your Breast Size?

 Fortunately, women with small breasts have the option of altering their breast size. Many women turn to cosmetic surgery to increase their boob size. However, the surgical alteration can be expensive and it comes with its unique dangers. Breast Maxx breast enhancement supplements are a great alternative. Breast pills contain ingredients that mimic estrogen and progesterone, when taken consistently, can increase the size of your breasts



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