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Types of Bras that Make Your Breasts Look Bigger
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Types of Bras that Make Your Breasts Look Bigger

Fortunately, going under the knife isn’t the only way to get an added boost to your bust. If you’re looking to simply maximize what you’re already working with or make your breasts look bigger in your clothes, the secret lies in the type of bra you are wearing. As a teenager, stuffing a bra with tissue was the most obvious solution to giving the illusion of bigger breasts. These days there are much more sophisticated lingerie options. 

Padded Bra

A padded bra is the most common breast enhancing bra. These types of bras typically come in two types of styles including; a removable insert or padding sewn into the cups. Push up bras are designed to lift the breast from the bottom. 

Well Fitted Bra

Never underestimate the power of a good well-fitting bra. Yes, a well fitted bra can make your boobs look much bigger because they are being provided with good support. You’ll find that a bra that fits properly is comfortable to wear since you won’t have to worry about it causing shoulder and back pain. The bands shouldn’t be riding up and there shouldn't be any pinching or digging into the skin.

Cleavage Enhancing Bra

Not all bras are designed the same. In fact, there a wide variety of styles which makes it difficult to determine what type is best for you. Below are the main types of cleavage enhancing bras that can make the girls sit higher and look bigger.

Push Up Bra - Wearing a push up bra is one of the most effective ways to make small breasts look bigger. Not only does this type of undergarment provide support but they are typically constructed with padding which further helps pushes your boobs up and together. There are some speciality push up bras that make your boobs look more than two cup sizes bigger. 

Plunge Bra - The plunge bra has cups that are cut lower than a regular bra and typically made with a bit of padding. This garment pushes your boobs together giving the appearance of more cleavage. 

Sticky Bra- Similar to a plunge bra, the sticky bra became popular on social media. It’s an adhesive style bra that sticks to your skin and when applied correctly it pushes the girls inward and up. 

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