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Lesser Known Benefits of Going Bra-less
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Lesser Known Benefits of Going Bra-less

Are you ready to let them out hang free? Most women have a love-hate relationship with their bra. These elegant, frilly undergarments have always been a symbol of femininity and it can make any woman feel downright sexy. While the right bra can do wonder for your boobs, the pokey underwire, the suffocating cups, and thick straps can make them really uncomfortable especially after wearing it all day. Women often feel bounded to their bras because they’ve been told for years that wearing one is necessary for chest support. 

But just how much of what we’ve been told about bras is true? Did you know that there are several benefits of ditching the undergarment completely?

Bras Don’t Have Any Effect On Perkiness

Perhaps the biggest misconception that most women have is that if they don’t wear a bra their girls will eventually start to sag and lose all of its perkiness. Some studies have shown that bras can actually have the opposite effect. Many researchers believe that the support that bras provide can weaken the pectoral muscles causing your boobs to droop or sag. A French study found that women who don’t wear bras on a regular basis developed more supportive tissue overtime which allowed their bodies to naturally support they're boobs without a bra.

Improves Blood Flow Circulation

While bras don’t technically cause health problems they can impede your overall cardiovascular wellness. Just think of how the rigid material squeezes around your chest. This can have a negative impact on your circulation and may even be compressing major blood flow vessels. Ditching your bra allows for the blood to flow freely and can even boost your energy levels. 

Boobs Will Be Able to Breathe

Under boob sweat is real especially for women with big boobs. The slightest bit of heat can suffocate your breasts leaving you hot and uncomfortable. When you skip out on wearing a bra your girls will be able to freely breathe. 

You’ll Be Comfortable

There’s nothing like that feeling of relief when you take off your bra after wearing it all day long. Can you imagine enjoying that level of comfort every day and not having to worry about the itchiness of the material or the tightness of the straps? There’s nothing more free than letting the girls go commando.

Just because you’re not wearing a bra doesn’t mean that breast health isn’t important to you. Breast Maxx breast enhancement supplements contain natural herbs that are healthy for your boobs. Breast pills can also naturally enhance the size of your boobs.



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