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Bikini Tops for Small Boobs Bikini Tops for Small Boobs
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Bikini Tops for Small Boobs Bikini Tops for Small Boobs

Want to give Baywatch tease on the beach this summer? If your girls aren’t as full as you want them to be you might be feeling less than confident about hitting the beach this summer.  Fortunately, the right bikini can create cleavage and make your handful look much bigger. When it comes to swimsuit shopping it’s all about finding the right cut or embellishment to mask your flaws and enhance your body’s natural shape. 

Ultra Low Scoop

If you’re on the hunt for a bikini that will flatter your small boobs you should first start looking at bikini tops with an ultra low scoop. The neck top should be so low that you only have thumb’s length of fabric. While they don’t provide much support, these types of tops gives the illusion of fuller and bigger boobs.

Say Yes to Underwire and Padding

A bikini top designed with underwire and a bit padding can do wonder for your girls. The padding gives your breasts a little lift and the underwire helps make the padding look more natural. Opt for a padded and underwire bikini that has a bow on the front so that you can cinch it tighter to create added cleavage. 

Ruffles and Fringes

Ruffles and fringes aren’t just pretty but the added material adds volume and movement which creates the illusion of depth.  By default, the design will also mask your small cup size. Fringes and ruffles are super feminine and you’ll have a lot of options to choose from. From small light fringes to large ruffles that hang over like a curtain this flirty style is fairly popular. 

Triangle Top Positioned Far Apart

Where a classic triangle bikini top would meet in the middle, with this style they sit inches apart. This sort of top would be disastrous for a big bust which makes it perfect for women with smaller boobs. It showcases the rise and fall of your boobs curves making your breasts appear fuller. 

Middle Tie

A bikini top with a tie in the middle allows you to push your boobs to all new heights. You can make your boobs look bigger by tightening the tie for added lift. 

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