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The Best Bras for Bigger Boobs
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The Best Bras for Bigger Boobs

Having trouble finding the right bra to adequately support your bust? Any woman who’s had to shop for a Double D bust can attest to the fact that finding a bra style that meets your needs whether it's providing the right amount of lift while being comfortable to wear can seem.impossible. Unfortunately, most brands don’t design supportive bras in the E, F, G and H range. You don’t have to accept defeat. Here are some expert-approved tips to find the right bra if you have bigger boobs.

 Know That You're More Than Likely Wearing the Wrong Size

Did you know that most women wear the wrong bra size? If you have larger breasts chances are you’re more than likely squeezing into a smaller size or tge bra isn’t supportive enough. The most common sign that your wearing a bra that’s the wrong size is that the straps are constantly falling, the underwire is digging deep into your flesh or the cups are gaping.

Know how a proper fit feels

You’ll know that you have the right fit if the cups fit smoothly across your boobs without you experiencing spillage or the cups fitting uncomfortably. Also, the piece of material that fits between the two cups should be lying flat between the chest.

Buy for your breast shape

When shopping for a new bra it’s important to consider your breast shape. If you have teardrop-shaped boobs you might want to consider opting for a demi or shape bra for adequate support. On the other hand, if they are tear-dropped shaped it would be in your best interest to select a bra that features a plunge or triangular shape. For a full bust, a bra without lining will be more comfortable. 

The fabrics matter

It’s a myth that thicker, industrial style fabrics are more supportive. These days brands are experimenting with a range of fabrics like lace and mesh which are much more attractive. Whatever fabric you select you’ll want to make sure it provides good wing support, it should be strong enough to lift the girls. Padding and underwire will shape and define your breasts.

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