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Do Push Ups Make Your Breasts Bigger
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Do Push Ups Make Your Breasts Bigger

Can your workout routine help you increase the size of your small boobs? If you’ve been doing push-ups in hopes of making your breasts bigger, don’t stop even if you aren’t seeing results as fast as you would like. In addition, to build toned and strong arms you’ll also be building up the muscles surrounding your boobs which will ultimately make it look like you’ve gone up a cup size or two. 

Push-Ups and Your Chest Muscles

A woman’s breast is mainly made up of fatty tissue. That’s why when you gain weight or shed a pounds your breast size will go up or down. However, push-ups and other chest exercises will primarily target the chest muscles. If you commit to an intense muscle-building regimen you’re bound to experience an increase in the size of your chest muscles. When such workouts are combined with a healthy, protein-rich diet and you stick rigorously to your fitness schedule you will see results. However, it’s important to note that you won’t exactly obtain an increase in cup size. No amount of exercise will increase the fatty tissue in your breast.

What Muscles Are Targeted During Push-Ups?

In case you didn’t know, push-ups will activate the muscles in your arms, core, and shoulders. In due time you’ll notice that these muscles will become stronger, your crore will be strengthened and you’ll walk with confidence. If you’re actively trying to increase your breast size, you’ll need to commit to a total body strength training routine that will help you build up the size of your pectoralis major which is the large fan-like muscles in the upper chest also commonly referred to as the pecs. By building up the muscle mass in the pecs your boobs will also appear bigger.

Growing Your Pecs Takes Hard Work

Unlike men, women lack the hormones that contribute to major muscle gains especially in the upper body area. Therefore, it takes a lot more effort for a woman to become muscular. To create a notable size difference in your pecs you’ll need to push yourself and make sure you are consuming a protein-rich diet that also encourages muscle mass production. Only total body workouts encourages enough growth hormone for significant muscle mass gain. Incorporate heavy resistance training for at least three times a week.

In addition to doing your push-ups, consider investing in a breast enhancement supplement. Breast Maxx breast pills can naturally increase the size of your boosts by helping your body produce estrogen which is the hormone responsible for breast growth. With this supplement in your arsenal, you’ll see results in no time. 



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