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Use Breast Tape For Amazing Cleavage
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Use Breast Tape For Amazing Cleavage

Searching for a way to make your small boobs look amazing in your favorite sexy dress? Finding a way to enhance your cleavage in a strapless dress may sound downright impossible. Breast tape may be just what you need to give your boobs a new life on your  dress. Breast tape is popular among your favorite celebs like Kim Kardashian.

Whether you’re planning on wearing a deep.plunge or backless dress you can use boob tape to support your breasts without a bra.

What Doesn’t Really Work….

You’ve probably tried a variety of bra less solutions only to discover that they aren't so effective. Plunge bras are ideal for plunging necklines while bra adhesives that promise to provide a lift don’t provide enough support. When all options fail. Its time to upgrade to boob tape for the best results. 

What Works Really Well….

Voob tape is the only thing strong enough to give you the sexy cleavage you desire while fully supporting the girls for several hours. Breast tape can work wonders for women who aren’t so well endowed in that area. 

What Exactly Is Breast Tape?

Breast tape can be anything from duct tape to athletic tape that used to tape your boobs for increased cleavage. There is a wide variety of tapes that you can use but keep in mind that some types are stronger than others.  Gaffer tape which is often promoted by Kim Kardashian has a really stronghold. Although it provides the most support it can be painful to remove. Medical tale can be just as effective for taping up your boobs. Many people opt to use duct tape which can be incredibly painful to remove since duct tape is a permanent tape that’s often used in construction work and repairs.

How To Prep Your Boobs For Taping

Before you begin taping up your breasts you'll need to make sure your skin isn’t oily which will prevent the tape from sticking. Avoid applying any type of moisturizer to your body beforehand. If you’ve never used that tape before on your girls you should perform a skin test to make sure you’re not allergic to the skin.

Breast Enhancement Supplement for Bigger Boobs

Want permanent bigger cleavage? The Breast Maxx breast enhancement pills can help grow your breasts naturally. Our breast pills are made from all-natural herbs that mimic the hormones in our body responsible for breast growth. When taken on a regular basis, breast enhancement supplements can give you ample cleavage. 



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