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Does Weight Loss Affect Your Breasts
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Does Weight Loss Affect Your Breasts

No two sets are alike. Ever since you’ve hit puberty your breasts have more than likely undergone changes. While every woman’s breasts are different there are some general truths that apply to all boobs. According to experts, changes in your weight will ultimately affect the size and shape of your boobs. 

Understanding How Weight Affects Breast Size

What happens to your breasts when you gain or lose weight? For some women, gaining twenty pounds will increase their cup size. On the other hand, some women experience a decrease in cup size if they lose fifty pounds. The truth is, we are all different and it depends on your body. The best way to determine how weight fluctuations will affect your breast size is to know how your body carries weight. We all gain and lose weight readily in specific areas of the body. Are your boobs the first or last place lose or gain weight?

Also, breast composition varies from person to person. As you probably know, breasts are made up of fatty tissue that varies in skin and density. If your boobs are composed of dense tissue, chances are they are less likely to be affected by weight fluctuations. If they are fattier than you’ll notice that they will increase and decrease as your weight changes. 

What Does Weight Loss Do to Your Breast Shape?

When you lose a significant amount of weight your breasts will begin to sag. Just imagine letting some of the air out of the balloon. While it may remain firm for the most part it loses its shape. Every time you gain weight or lose weight, the skin surrounding your breasts loses its elasticity. After a while, it won’t be able to conform to its new shape.

Rapid weight loss is especially hard on your breasts because the skin is forced to quickly conform to your rapidly shrinking breasts. Collagen production is disrupted which means you’ll likely have stretch marks. In addition, your boobs will appear deflated on top and fuller on the bottom. Slow and steady weight loss is encouraged to keep your breasts looking perky as you get healthier. 

What Can You Do?

Plastic surgery isn’t your only option. You can maintain the shape of your boobs during weight loss by performing exercises that target the chest muscles. The Breast Maxx breast enhancement supplements can also help increase the size of your boobs and ensure their vitality.



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