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Massages To Increase Boob Size
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Massages To Increase Boob Size

It might sound crazy, but regular breast massage is an excellent way to increase your boob size! It can also help strengthen your breasts too!

Our boobs are made up of fat and fatty tissue. This makes them extremely sensitive when they are stimulated by massage. When you massage your boobs, you’re actually stimulating the supportive tissues and the lymph system. This activates various positive effects that can strengthen and shape your breasts. 

Breast massages also activate several healthy hormonal reactions and increase oxytocin levels. This is also a benefit if you’re looking to naturally increase the size of your bust.

The Benefits of Massaging Your Breasts

There are several benefits to regular breast massages outside of the increase in size. Let’s take a look at some of the other benefits!

  1. Giving your breasts a regular massage can result in firmer and more tone breasts.
  2. Detoxifies and oxygenates the tissues.
  3. Regular breast massage can help prevent breast cancer.
  4. Reduces premenstrual syndrome or PMS.
  5. Reduce any chance of cysts.

Massage Technique For Bigger Boobs

In order to massage your breasts for growth, you need to use a firm pressure. The technique uses a circular motion with inward and upward strokes. The breast massage should be about 5 to 10 minutes one or two times a day. You can enhance the process by using a massage oil or breast cream after a shower. 

How To Give A Proper Breast Massage

There is always a proper way to do things, even when it comes to massaging your breasts. If you want bigger, healthier boobs, follow the steps below one or two times a day!

  1. We recommend using some massage oil or a breast cream. Doing so will help eliminate any irritation caused by the friction. It’s best to make sure the oil is warm.
  2. Begin the massage at the center of your breast using your palms to apply a firm pressure. Following the natural contour of your breast, work your way from inwards to outwards. You want to be moving from the outer part of your body towards your center. Repeat this step around 20 times.
  3. Use alternate hand movements to sweep from your underarms, upward and inwards toward the front. Repeat this step 20 times.
  4. Using both hands, lift the breast upward, providing firm support. Again, repeat 20 times.
  5. Start back at step 2 only this time the strokes will be lighter and you don’t have to push the breast inward.

There are some really excellent videos available online if you prefer having a visual of the process. Don’t push so hard that it hurts or feels uncomfortable. Always remain in the comfort zone best for you to avoid any damage.

There is absolutely no need to go see a specialist and have surgery to get the bigger boobs you dream of. Simply give yourself a massage a couple of times a day and watch the magic take place. 



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