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5 Tips for Breast Health
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5 Tips for Breast Health


Our bosom buddies are much than just a body part. When you think about it, a woman’s breast represents; sexuality, femininity as well as maternal love. Yes, breasts are a source of nourishment and pleasure so whether they are small or large, perky or droopy you should take good care of them. Improving your breast health is an act of self-care and love which is essential for your overall happiness. Check out these five easy tips that will help ensure the health your boobs:

  1. Start From the Inside Out

Don’t underestimate the benefits of a well balanced and a nutritious diet when it comes to your breast help. Studies have revealed that a healthy dose of vegetables and fruits can reduce your risk of developing breast tumors due to estrogen receptors. Although estrogen receptor negative cancer makes up approximately 15% of breast cancer cases it can be difficult to treat. Therefore, it doesn’t hurt to make filling up on your produce a habit.


  1. Regular Breast Massage

Regular deep breast massages not only feel good but they can improve the circulation on your breast. Vigorously massaging them breaks help fibrosis tissue, breaks up benign cysts and strengthens the tissue in the chest. You can massage them with Vitamin E or olive oil to maximize the results.


  1. Yoga

Did you know that yoga can aid in lifting and toning your boobs? Yes, doing this on a regular basis will strengthen the pectoral muscles which are the group of muscles in the breast. This is bound to enhance the appearance of your boobs making them look rounder and bigger.


  1. Breast Pills

Breast enhancement supplements can also contribute to the overall health of your boobs. They are filled with natural herbs and vitamins such as flaxseed, Vitamin C, palmetto and wild yam. These plant-based nutrients have proven to be effective at safely increasing breast size. Getting a generous dose of other health supplements especially ones that contain Vitamin D can contribute to your breast health.


  1. Enjoy alcohol in moderation

According to medical experts, women who consume more than one alcoholic drink a day are at greater risk of developing breast cancer. This risk increases for women who previously beat breast cancer in the past. You’ll want to limit your drinking to the weekends or on special occasions only.


For the most part, the health of our breasts is in our hands. Taking time to care for them will help prevent diseases while decreasing stress levels and improving our overall mood.




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