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How To Rejuvenate Your Breasts After Giving Birth
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How To Rejuvenate Your Breasts After Giving Birth


It’s no secret that motherhood completely changes your body inside and out. After giving birth to a child, it’s inevitable for your breasts to undergo a massive change. Pregnancy, breastfeeding and even weaning all can alter the shape and size of your breast resulting in vary bra sizes throughout the process. For most women, they're breasts increase dramatically during pregnancy and can sometimes get even bigger after a woman gives birth to prepare for milk production. However, some of the most common complaints from mothers are that they experience sagging, stretch marks and skin discolorations after giving birth and breastfeeding.


How can you rejuvenate your boobs and make them attractive again?


Strength Training

Your breast used to be firm and toned. The bad news is that sagging is something that most women will experience after pregnancy. However, strength training can help reduce the appearance of sagginess. As soon as you’re cleared, hit the gym and opt for strength training exercises that strengthen the pectoral muscles, back and latissimus dorsi muscles. Building up the pecs will provide a lift and strengthening the back will improve your posture which will make your boobs look perkier.


Alternating Hot and Cold Showers

Postpartum,  many women have to deal with visible veins spread all over the “girls”. Protruding veins can be unsightly and are typically a result of decreased blood circulation during breastfeeding and the rapid expansion of your breast size. Switching between cold and hot water during your showers will get the blood flowing in your breast. Using regular cold compresses can also be of help.


Supportive Bra

Investing in a good quality bra that gives your breast the utmost lift is imperative during the postpartum period. A well-fitting bra provides adequate support to the breast tissue, muscles and prevents further. You’ll want to wear as often as you can to keep them supported.


Breast Enhancement Cream

A lot of women experience some type of deflation even after they stop breastfeeding. Breast enhancement supplements also known as boob pills and creams are a great tool to fight against such an issue. Many women use our BreastMaxx enhancing products to increase their breast size. It can also be used to firm deflated boob and make them much perkier.


Massage Them With Oil

Stretch marks on your newly expanded boobs are often unavoidable. Massaging them daily with breast cream, Vitamin E, olive or coconut oil can take care of that. Shea butter can aid in eliminating stretch marks off your boobs.



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