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Learning How to Dress A Bigger Bust
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Learning How to Dress A Bigger Bust

Throwing something on that doesn’t make you look like a pornstar can be a challenge if you have a bigger bust. Yes, women with a bigger breasts who have them naturally or whom have used pills that make their breast bigger desire to find tops that fit them properly and doesn't always attract unwanted attention. Clothes on the hanger make look better on the hanger than they do on your figure. Don’t worry at Breast maxx we can also help with tips dressing a bigger bust

Wrap Dresses Will Be Your Friend

Wrap dresses or dresses that are cinched at the waist can greatly enhance a busty figure. That's because this style emphasizes your unique hourglass figure and draws attention to that rather your breasts. A-line dresses should also be part of your wardrobe because the fitness from the chest down brings attention to your curves.

Wear the Right Bra

Perhaps the first thing you should do if you haven’t is get professionally fitted fir a bra. Yes, having.good bra on that provides the ultimate support us the foundation. It will best accentuate your melons and you'll look better in your tops.

Are V Necks Appropriate?

Women with a bigger breasts are often warned against wearing V-necks since these types of shirts do show cleavage. However,  you don't have toss your V-necks. Rather, it's important to select the right ones. A sweetheart neckline rather than a deep V can be more flattering. You can still be a little sexy while covering up some of the goods.

Crew-necks in the other hand are the happy medium. However too much embellishments, ruffles and frills can make your boobs look even bigger.

Say No to Spaghetti Straps

Spaghetti straps provide no support and these types of shirts will no doubt exaggerate your bust area. If you want yo wear a tank top opt for one with thicker straps.

Pick the Right Sleeve Length

Believe it or not the lengths if your sleeves are also important. If you have a large bust select more three-quarter sleeves that have a slimming effect then sleeveless and short sleeve styles.

What Kind of Jackets Are Best

Biker style leather jackets greatly complements a busty figure. Biker jackets have thick lapels that casually fall over the boobs concealing them. This plays tricks on the eye making your chest area seem smaller than what it really is. Boxy jackets such as bomber styles aren't always flattering. Streamlined and fitted pieces cinch the waist and draw more attention to that area.

Stick to single-breasted coats or jackets rather than doubled breasts outerwear.  Double-breasted pockets add bulkiness while single breasts create a slimming effect.

Knits and Sweaters

Heavy knits area godsend during cold winter days. How chunky should you sweaters be? Fashion experts recommend forgoing the super chunky knits. They add a big layer of bulkiness making you appear more top heavy then you really are. Buy smooth finer knits which can be just as comfy.

Don’t let your god given curves and features stop you from looking fashionable.



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