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Why Women Want Fuller Breasts
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Why Women Want Fuller Breasts

For many women, bigger is better. After nearly half a million breast augmentation surgeries take place each year and women are spending thousands of dollars just to enhance the size of they're boobs. Even the bra industry is based around the notion that bigger is better. That’s why most of the bras manufactured today feature some kind of padding or lifting to feature to help give the illusion of bigger breasts. Why exactly do women desire bigger and fuller breasts? Is it to appeal to the desires of men? Or perhaps women are heavily influenced by media? Breast Max has researched some reasons why most women prefer fuller breasts.

Appeal to the Male Population

One of the biggest reasons women are willing to spend money on enhancing their breast is to become more attractive to men. It’s a known fact that some men love big boobs. While smaller breasts can nurture just as well, a full bust line has historically been the portrayal of women. After all, Paleolithic cave art featured women with enormous hips and breasts. This could be because women with fuller breasts were often viewed as well nourished and healthy.

Improve Self Esteem

A lot of women desire fuller breasts because they feel that it will help improve their overall self-esteem. Believe it or not, some women believe that bigger breasts could lend towards their femininity. The most obvious physical differences between a man and a woman are the genitalia and the fact that women have breasts and men don’t. A common sentiment of women with small breasts and or even a flat chest is that they ‘don’t feel like a woman”.  A lack of perceived femininity can drastically affect a woman’s confidence in herself.

Social Media and Celebrity Culture

These days people are heavily influenced by their favorite celebrities served to them on a platter called “social media”. Unfortunately, women are primed from an early age to believe that celebrities and social media influencers set the standards for beauty. Some people will pay good money to look at celebrities who are known for being beautiful such as Kylie Jenner and Paris Hilton.


A major reason why fuller boobs are desirable is that it opens up the fashion choices. Ironically, fashion designers prefer skinny women to model they're clothes with small boobs. Yet, clothes are desired to accentuate the bodies of real women with curves and a pair of decent sized breasts.

While it’s impossible to change the forces of nature, breast enhancement supplements  along with breast enhancement creams, which are becoming increasingly popular can help women achieve the bodies they desire.



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