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Natural Ways to Enhance Your Breasts
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Natural Ways to Enhance Your Breasts

How many times have you stood in the mirror wishing that your breasts were bigger? Well, you are not alone, an increasingly large number of women who have managed to survive adolescence hate they're breast size and are looking for ways to enhance them. Most women stop developing at the age of twenty and unless they put on a lot of weight or get pregnant they are typically left with their small boobs.

What Are Natural Breast Enhancements?

Natural methods of enhancing the breasts are becoming trendy. Surgical breast enhancement comes with numerous health risks and it can be costly. Natural enhancements are a great alternative because they are typically safer and provide a natural look.

Check out a few of these natural enhancement measures that women are opting for:

Breast Creams

Breast creams that are formulated to make your breasts bigger do so by increasing cell growth in the breast tissue. With consistent use of the cream, you can expect your boobs to get bigger in increments. When applying the cream you should gently massage it into your breasts.


Building stronger pec muscles through exercise is a great way to create a natural lift. Irregular weight gain and loss can affect the appearance of your boob and may even cause them to sag. A lack of healthy tissue in the breast causes can result in the flat-chested look. Therefore, building lean muscle is the key. Weight or strength training is the best way to build lean muscle in your breasts.

Firming Gel

Firming gels are similar to breast creams but they contain natural botanicals that both firm and lift your breasts. Some firming gels work by stimulating lipogenesis in the breast area which stimulates fat cells to grow in the breast tissue. You’ll notice that your breasts will grow heavier and bigger.


Dietary supplements won’t change the shape of your boobs but if they are used regularly it can alter their size. How do breast enhancement dietary supplements work? They are filled with ginseng. Fennel seed, fenugreek, wild yam and dong quai. These natural ingredients stimulate the breast tissue and can even lead to growth in increments over the course of time.

Eat The Right Foods

Want a bigger bust? Start by eating the right foods that will increase your bust size. Estrogen hormone plays a big role in giving the female body its curve in all the right places.  Foods like apples, soya beans, green beans, and chickpeas all raise your estrogen levels.



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