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Why Breast Implant Surgery Isn’t for Everyone
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Why Breast Implant Surgery Isn’t for Everyone

Whether you’re breasts have undergone a transformation after pregnancy or you’ve always found it difficult to accept your small boobs, breast implant surgery may seem like an ideal solution. A boob job is a surgical procedure that involves using implants or a fat transfer to alter the look of the breasts. While this type of enhancement  can instantly increase the size and alter the shape of your boob they are definitely not right for everyone.

If you’re considering going under the knife to change your breast size or for added fullness here are few reasons why breast implant surgery may not be for you:

A Breast Augmentation Won’t Necessarily Improve One’s Self-Esteem

Perhaps the biggest reason why women take the risk of going under the knife is that they believe that a boob job will ultimately make them feel good about themselves and improve their overall self-esteem. The truth is that changing the look of your breasts doesn’t fix what’s going on internally. In fact, statistics have shown that women who opt for cosmetic surgery in order to build their confidence tend to feel worse afterwards.

Breast Implants Don’t Last Forever

What many people don’t know is that breast implants don’t last forever. At some point, in a woman’s life they will have to be replaced. The average lifespan of saline and silicone implants are approximately ten years. Normal wear and tear can result in ruptures and tears in your boobs. If you can’t picture yourself unnecessarily going under the knife again then a boob job is not for you.

Breast Augmentations Can Be Risky

While breast augmentations are considered to be a low-risk surgery, any type of surgery can be a health risk. Some common complications that a patient faces include; infection, persistent pain, loss of sensation in breasts or nipples, and bleeding. A lot of people aren’t willing to undergo the risk of a complications for an unnecessary surgery.

Expensive Option

A breast augmentation can cost several thousands of dollars.Depending on the surgeon’s experience this cost can drastically increase.  Surgery related expenses such as; medical tests, post surgical garments, hospital fees, and anesthesia fees can all contribute to the overall cost of a breast implant surgery.

Breast Maxx, boob pills can help revitalize and increase the size of your boobs for a fraction of the cost of an breast augmentation. Our breast pills offer a natural enhancement that is a much safer alternative.



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