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Breast Fillers- The New Trend In Breast Enhancement
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Breast Fillers- The New Trend In Breast Enhancement

What woman doesn’t want fuller and firmer boobs? Besides a good push up bra for years the only alternative available to women were surgical breast enhancements. Breast fillers are the latest cosmetic innovation that has become increasingly popular this past year. What makes breast fillers an attractive option for women is that it’s less invasive than an augmentation. Is this the right move for you?

Breast fillers are an ideal solution for women who want to increase their breast size a cup size above. For instance, fillers allow you to go up from a B cup to a C or small D cup. During a Breast fuller procedure, fat is strategically injected into different areas of the breasts using a microdroplet technique. Breast fillers are similar to dermal fillers. The whole procedure lasts approximately two hours and requires local anesthesia. The total cost of such a procedure can run you anywhere between $6900 to $8900.

Is It Worth the Investment?

It’s important to note that breast fillers aren’t a permanent solution to enhancing your breasts. Since its fat being injected into your boobs you can expect them to last anywhere between five to ten years. In order to qualify for such a procedure, the patient has to be at least ten pounds overweight so that they the surgeon can liposuction fat from other parts of the body such as the hips, stomach or thighs. Breast fillers is a viable solution for women who don’t want implants, who simply want a fuller look or to adjust size discrepancies between their boobs.

There are also unexpected side effects of breast fillers.  According to plastic surgeons, having fat injected into your boobs can result in false positives for breast cancer screening. In addition, when fat is transferred into the breast only a small fraction of the fat survives.  It’s very unpredictable. Some surgeons believe that twenty-five percent of the fat survives while others believe that up to seventy -five percent of the injected fat can survive. Also, breast fillers aren’t for individuals who need a breast lift due to sagging breasts.

Natural Alternatives

Many women are opting for breast fillers because it’s viewed as a safer alternative to an augmentation. Yet, this is still a medical procedure and patients should exercise caution when undergoing such a procedure. Breast Maxx breast enhancement supplements and creams are a safe and natural alternative to stimulating breast growth.



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