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The Best Bra For Each Boob Type
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The Best Bra For Each Boob Type

More than likely, you’ve probably spent your entire describing your boobs as either big or small. Breasts take on many different shapes and sizes which means that there are tons of specific ways you can describe your girls. Knowing the right shape and size of your breasts is important for selecting the right supportive bra. Here are some of the different types of boobs that exist in the world today.


If your boobs are asymmetrical this means that one boob is slightly bigger or smaller than the other creating an uneven appearance. The best type of bra for this breast type is a push up bra with removable pads. That way you’ll be able to even out your breasts by adding or removing the padding. 


You don’t have to be an athlete to have breasts that appear athletic in nature. These types of boobs have less fatty tissue, they are wider and more muscular looking. A bra without wiring will be comfortable but a push up bra can boost your curves. 

East West

If your nipples point in different directions than there may be a gap in between the girls because they hang in opposite directions. A T-shirt or push up bra will gather your breasts together to the front of your chest giving you a fuller appearance. 


The relaxed boob type hangs downward and doesn’t have much fatty tissue. A push up bra will add shape and provide a lift. 

Bell Shape

If your breasts are bell shaped they are fuller on the bottom and much thinner on the top.This breast shape tends to have a fuller bust. Therefore, you’ll need a bra that provides adequate support and lift. A T-shirt bra with lifting properties will be comfortable and it will give your bust the lift it needs. 


Slender boobs doesn't necessarily mean that they are small. They are probably smaller on top and may be longer rather than wide. Your nipples may even point downwards. The perfect bra for this breast shape is plunge bra with padding to give your bust the right amount of lift. 

Side Set

If you have some space between your boobs you more than likely have a gap in your cleavage. Since you may have a generous bust, you’ll want to opt for a front closure bra which will close the gap between your boobs.


Round boobs are circular and equal at the top and bottom. If you have this breast shape you can pull off almost any bra style. 

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