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Does Birth Control Pills Make Your Boobs Bigger
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Does Birth Control Pills Make Your Boobs Bigger

For many women, birth control pills are a lifesaver. Not only does it prevent unwanted pregnancies but contraceptives are used to regulate hormonal imbalances that can cause uncomfortable symptoms like acne, period cramps and heavy menstruation cycles. In recent years, many women are opting to take birth control pills to influence breast growth. 

Does Birth Control Increase Breast Size?

The average woman begins developing her breasts during puberty between the ages of 8-14 years of age. Breast development can be contributed to hormonal changes primarily estrogen and growth hormone. Estrogen plays a major role in breast size because when it’s produced by the body it leads to fat collecting in the connective tissue in the breast which enlarges them. 

As an adult, changes in your breast size is largely due to physiological changes within the body such as during pregnancy, breastfeeding or when you are on  your menstrual cycle. The birth control pill is a chemical compound of progestin and estrogen hormones. These two hormones are responsible for the shaping of a woman’s breasts and hips by altering the way the body distributes fat. There is some truth to the claims that contraceptives can help enlarge the breasts. Yes, taking the pill can stimulate breast growth. However, when you stop taking them your breasts will return to their regular size within months. 

How Does The Pill Affect Your Breast Size?

Depending on your body you might have a tendency to gain weight while on the pill. When a woman starts to gain weight while on birth control this typically due to increased fluid retention. Weight gain can make your boobs appear fuller and bigger. Subcutaneous fat tissues on a woman’s body ( breast, hips, and thighs) contain a high volume of estrogen receptors. Therefore an increase in estrogen levels can stimulate the growth of fat tissue in these areas.

Fluid retention is a major side effect of birth control pills. The estrogen compound in the pill changes the way a woman’s body metabolizes water which often leads to water retention.Swelling from increased fluid can make your boobs slightly bigger. 

Permanent Breast Growth Solution

Any breast size changes you may experience while taking birth control pills are temporary. Breast Maxx breast enhancement solution can be a permanent solution to your problem. Our breast enhancement supplement mimics the estrogen and progestin hormones that are influences breast growth. If you’re looking to naturally grow your breasts and have long lasting results than you should consider taking breast pills.



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