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Let ‘em Glow! Skin Care Tips For Glowy & Healthy Looking Breasts
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Let ‘em Glow! Skin Care Tips For Glowy & Healthy Looking Breasts

Ladies, when it comes to our breasts, a lot of us want more of something; bigger, firmer, rounder, higher, fuller. However, when it comes down to pampering those lady bits, many of us are guilty of negligence. If you think about it, our boobs handle a lot. We lay on them while we sleep, they go bouncing around when we’re bra-less, some of us breastfeed, they get stuffed into ill-fitting bras, and everything else in between.

Our breasts are one of the first areas to show signs of premature aging. The skin around our boobs is more prone to stretching because it’s thinner than other areas of our body. They lose elasticity more quickly; add to that, issues like sun damage, acne, abrasive clothing, the list goes on. With all of that considered, we can see why it’s essential to treat your breasts like your face, if not better.

Skin Care Essentials For Your Breasts

I suppose it’s safe to say that our biddy’s skincare routine is very similar to our face and body. We should regularly do certain things to take good care of our boobs, but especially if we want them to be attractive and glow!

Exfoliate & Deep Cleanse

If you want super-smooth skin, this is the first step to achieving that goal. Using a good scrub will help remove impurities, prevent blemishes, and speed up cellular renewal and regeneration. Boom, you get glowing, youthful-looking skin. 

TIP: Stay away from harsh body scrubs because they can leave tiny tears in your skin. Instead, go for a gentle facial formula that uses finely ground particles. You could always make your own by mixing three tablespoons of olive oil and one tablespoon of sugar. Mix the two ingredients well, and you have a natural exfoliator.

When cleansing the skin, choose a hydrating or clarifying body wash. Something with a deep cleansing without dehydration is a perfect blend.

Moisturize & Protect

Because the skin on our chest is fragile and thin, it is prone to sun damage and dehydration. Bust beauty lotion can help with elasticity and collagen. Invigorating night gel and clarifying body sprays are excellent for acne or hyperpigmentation.

Make sure to follow up with a favorite sunscreen containing a minimum of SPF 30. Please put it on BEFORE the bra because you’ll end up with a sunburn or, worse, permanent sun damage.

Pamper Those Puppies!

If you don’t have a firming mask, we suggest you get some and use it once a week. Make sure you use it all over your boobs. A firming mask is excellent for nourishing and tightening any collagen-hungry skin.

If you want to take pampering a step further and you’re comfortable with it, book yourself a professional bust treatment. You could also learn the techniques to give yourself the firming massage.

Bust Support

It is absolutely essential to wear the right size bra. A wrong fitting bra can permanently damage breast tissue, which leads to sagging and unsightly marks. Running up a set of stairs with an ill-fitting bra can inflict more damage than you’d think. 

When our breasts bounce, it pulls and stretches the skin and the supporting ligaments, leading to drooping. This is an excellent example of why it’s essential to wear the right bra for the activity. When exercising or running, we should always wear a sports bra to protect our boobs from damage. After about six months of wearing a bra, they lose support and should be replaced.


Spot toning exercises can help improve the look of our bustline. Breast-targeted exercises can create a foundation that lifts our breasts up, giving them a perky look. Daily press-ups can help with that.

Take care of your breasts! Let ’em glow; they deserve it after all of the ups and downs they’ve been through. 



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