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Finding the Right Bra For Your Breast Size and Shape
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Finding the Right Bra For Your Breast Size and Shape

It is important to ensure you're not only wearing a comfortable bra, but one that fits and supports you well.If you've ever experienced the pinch or pain of an uncomfortable bra, you'll already know the importance of wearing one which fits you well.
Why is it important to wear a correctly fitted bra?
Aside from the obvious benefits of feeling comfortable and getting the right support, a bra that is fitted correctly can improve your posture, accentuate your figure and help to make your outfits look more flattering.
What are the signs you are wearing the wrong size bra?
  • You are getting marks or indents from your underwire
  • The straps are cutting into you or slip off your shoulders
  • The band across the back rides up and is not sitting level
  • You can't tuck two fingers underneath the back of the band comfortably
  • There is gaping or puckering in the cup area
  • There is overflow in the cup area
Which bra style is for me?
Buying a bra isn't all to do with size; different bra styles will fit and flatter depending on breast shape and outfit choices. Here's a breakdown of different bra styles and for whom they might be best suited to:
Push up bras do exactly that, lift and enhance your cleavage by pushing your breasts up and closer together. Push ups give the appearance of a fuller bustline, so are ideal for breasts which are slender. Breast enhancement pills have also helpped many achive the fuller cleavage look to push up bras.
A wirefree (or soft cup) bra is usually unpadded and without any underwire, so is extremely comfortable and fuss-free – perfect for people who don't like to feel restricted. As there is no structure or padding to offer shape and contouring, it relies on your natural breast shape to define the cup shape. Round or teardrop breasts that have natural fullness often suit this style well, but anyone who is looking for comfort above all else will love a wirefree bra
their purpose is to contour the natural shape of your breasts. Underwire bras are designed to bring your weight closer to the front, while also slightly lifting them upwards. They compass your entire bra tissues, which also gives a lift and desirable round shape.Underwire bras worn in the right size and style, and for their intended purpose, are not harmful.
Now the only thing to do is toss out those bras that have been sitting in the lingerie drawer for years, and GO! Bra shopping!!!!




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