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Don’t Let Small Breast Bring Down Your Self Esteem
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Don’t Let Small Breast Bring Down Your Self Esteem


Instagram models and pornstars have heavily reported the idea that bigger breasts equates to attractiveness and is what ultimately determines a person to be sexy.  That’s why women spend thousands of dollars on cosmetic surgery or suffering in silence about what they perceive to be they're shortcoming. However, this is far from true. For years, the media has been playing upon the inadequacies of women in order to sell products and push a brand.


Are you unhappy with your smaller breasts? It’s time to embrace your body and love the assets you were blessed with.


There Is No Perfect Breast Size

Forget what you see on social media and in the magazines. There is no perfect breast size or shape or a perfect waist or body for that fact. Dispelling this misconception that lives in the mind of most woman is important for truly accepting yourself for who you are and that includes your small boobs. The truth is that beauty comes in all sizes, shapes and forms.


Men Have Different Taste

Believe it or not not every man prefers a woman with double ds. Men love and appreciate women of all sizes and types including small breasted women. In addition, some men are more attracted to other areas of the female body including the legs and butt. A woman’s beautiful green eyes can be the very thing that captures a man’s heart.


You Are More Than Your Boobs

As women, we have much more going for ourselves than the our bra cup size. Besides our beautiful minds and our abilities to withstand the injustices that get thrown our way there are other features on our body we can be proud of. As unique creatures we all have something that someone else wishes they had.


There Must Be An Underlying Issue

If you’re finding it difficult to be happy with how you look there may be an underlying problem. Perhaps you suffer from depression or low self esteem that is triggered by other events in your life. Getting to the bottom of inner unhappiness is the key to building up your self-esteem.


Perks of Having Smaller Boobs

There are several perks that comes with being part of the “itty bitty” committee. Women with big chests often suffer from back problems and they have poor posture. In addition, smaller chested woman can also wear clothes that typically doesn’t flatter a busty women. For example, low cut tops and shirts with gaping buttons are sexy on women with smaller breasts.


Enhance Your Breasts

There are always things you can do to enhance what you have. Breast Maxx breast enhancement pills have proven to be effective in  helping women naturally increase they're breast size. When used breast pills it’s important to have realistic expectations. Breast Maxx enhancement supplements can help you develop fuller and supple breasts over time.

A well-fitting bra can also work wonders. Push up bras and padded bras should be in your underwear drawer. The wrong size bra can result in armpit rolls and can make your breasts look smaller than what they actually are.  




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