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Different Breasts
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Different Breasts

It's fairly common to hear or read about the different shaped bottomes. There isn't as much going around about the different shaped breasts so, today we're going to talk about that.

Breasts come in various shapes and sizes. Some of us have two slightly different shapes or sized breasts and that's cute too.

Round Breasts: Round breasts are equally full at the bottom and top of the breasts. The nipples are typically symetrically placed directly in the middle of the breasts.

East-West: Both the right and left breasts go from the center of the chest out to the sides with the nipples pointing in opposite directions. One faces east, the other west.

Side Set (Widely Set): Side set boobs are similar in shape to the east-west. One of the main differences is that there is a wider space between the breasts. Widely set breasts make nice cleveage for those ladies who like to flaunt a bit.

Teardrop Shape: Rounded breasts with the bottoms being slightly wider than the tops. We suppose the shape could be slightly reveresd but that depends on various factors.

Asymmetrical: One breast is rather noticeably larger than the other. Often, nursing mothers will have assymetrical breasts but some ladies are built naturally with one lbreast larger than the other.

The Bell: Large breasts that are full at the bottom and slimmer toward the top. The bell-shaped breasts are large and thick.

Narrow: The breasts are thin, with the nipples pointing down. The bottom of the breasts is fuller than the tops, and they are longer than they are wide.

Can Breast Shape & Size Change

The size and shape of your breasts are determined through genetics. However, the shape and size can change due to pregnancy, lactation, intensive workouts, and sudden fluctuations in weight. 

Our menstrual cycle can also cause slight temporary changes to the breasts, making them a little larger. Once menstruation is complete, they typically return to their average size. Pregnancy and breastfeeding will also cause the breasts to be larger. Did you know the shape of our breasts can sometimes change due to sexual arousal?

Certain prescription medications can cause the breasts to swell as a side-effect. Birth control pills have been reported to cause a change in breast size due to the swelling. 

Regular exercise can also cause the breasts to change size and shape. What you eat and how you eat can have an impact on your entire body including your breasts as well. This is especailly true for women who tend to wtore more fat in the chest and hips



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