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5 Struggles That Women Have with Small Breasts
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5 Struggles That Women Have with Small Breasts


While the average bra size in the United States is 34DD there is still a large presence of women who aren’t so well endowed. Although being a part of the itty bitty committee does have its advantages it’s not without its struggles. If you have small breasts than you are fully aware of the challenges it comes with. Here are five struggles girls with small breasts can relate too.


1.Limited Fashion Choices

 Perhaps one of the biggest struggles of having small boobs is that you may feel as if you have limited fashion choices. When it comes to wearing low cut, V-neck or other types of revealing shirts you’ll need bigger breasts to fill them out. With small boobs, it creates a gap because your girls aren’t big enough to fill in the cups.  Strapless tops and tube tops also require boobs to keep them in place. Therefore, women with small boobs don’t usually feel confident wearing shirts that are designed to be sexy.


  1. Lack of Confidence

A lot of women with smaller boobs often feel less confident. Many women associate they're femininity with they're breasts, after all, it’s one of the things that set men and women apart. That’s why a smaller frame often makes women with little breasts feel like they have a boyish figure. Over time, feeling like less of a woman can eventually erode one’s self-esteem.


  1. Trying To Make They're Boobs Bigger

Women with small breasts often spend so much money looking for ways to increase the size of they're bust. From expensive push-up bras designed to enhance what they have naturally to cutlets which can be uncomfortable to wear there are a plethora of ways, a woman can make they're breast look bigger.  Yet, these methods are temporary and they don’t always produce the desired results. For most women, surgical enhancements aren’t affordable. Fortunately, Breast Maxx has manufactured quality pills that can make your breast bigger.


  1. Feel Undesirable By Men

Some women feel that they're small boobs make them undesirable. But the truth is that men are attracted to all types of women including ones with small breasts. Also, men are attracted to confidence so it’s important for a woman to embrace her body and accept herself for who she truly is.


  1. No Cleavage

Want a more cleavage? fortunately there are pills for bigger boobs.  women with small boobs can spend hours trying to give the illusion of a bigger bust in they're clothes. This is frustrating. However, with Breast Maxx breast pills you can naturally grow your breasts.



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