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5 Bad Habits That Causes Your Boobs to Sag
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5 Bad Habits That Causes Your Boobs to Sag

Do you hate the way your boobs look when you are not wearing a bra? The truth is that some sagging is inevitable. Breastfeeding and aging both contribute to reduced elasticity and connective tissue due which leaves your girls looking deflated.  In addition, sagging can be a genetic thing as well. As a woman having drooping breasts can affect your overall self-esteem. That's why it’s important to identify bad habits that can greatly impact the vitality of your boobs.

Crash Dieting

Do you find yourself in a cycle of losing and then gaining twenty pounds or so? Yo yo, dieting can have a negative impact on your boobs. Each time you lose weight your breast tissue becomes lacker. Our breasts are made up of tissue and fat. When you lose weight all over some of the fat is dissipated from your breasts. Losing weight also results in loose skin and your breasts are no exception.

Wearing The Wrong Bra

Do you know that most women don’t wear a properly fitted bra? Not wearing a bra that doesn’t provide adequate support will definitely cause your boobs to sag. The more your breasts move around due to the lack of support the more the skin surrounding them becomes stressed resulting in reduced collagen.

Having a good bra is especially necessary when exercising. Repetitive motion high impact exercises can take a major toll on breast collagen. Be sure to invest in a quality sports bra for your workout sessions.

Smoking Cigarettes

Cigarettes don’t just affect your lungs. Your boobs can’t escape the damaging effects of smoking. Researchers believe that cigarettes are one of the leading cause of sagging breasts. Carcinogens in cigarettes break down the elasticity in the skin. When the skin loses its elasticity areas that were once firm began to droop.

Forgetting To Wear Sunscreen

For years, you’ve been warned that exposing your face to the harsh UV rays can result in premature wrinkling. The same is true for your boobs. Skipping out on putting sunscreen on your chest can have the same damaging effect on the girls. You’ll notice that over time the skin surrounding your boobs will begin to stretch out and sag.

Lack of Physical Activity

When’s the last time you exercised?  If you live in a sedentary lifestyle and you rarely workout this can affect the vitality of your skin. Regular exercise doesn’t just help keep the pounds off but it aids in firming up your skin.



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